Who can join the association?

Every physical and legal person engaged in animation cinema in Azerbaijan (except for state institutions and local self-government bodies) can become a member of the Azerbaijan Animation Association public association.

Individuals or organizations that can become members;

  • Directors, animators, artists, composers, editors, screenwriters and other individuals who worked on at least one professional animated film;
  • Animation studios, distribution companies, cinemas and other legal entities;
  • Non-governmental organizations that support animation.

Membership benefits:

  • Networking — the opportunity to create new productive relationships in the local and international animation industry;
  • The opportunity to stay up-to-date on local and international animated industry;
  • The right to attend closed and public events and trainings of the Association;
  • A platform to promote your work and yourself;
  • Consultation on participation in international animation projects;
  • Providing media support for the promotion of creative activities and projects.

Members’ rights:

  • Participating in the organization’s management under the regulations and other documents;
  • Election or representation in any elected body of the union, including the governing body;
  • Taking part in the activity and the events of the Association;
  • Getting information about the activities of the governing bodies of the union and to control 
  • their activities;
  • Applying to the union for protection of their interests;
  • Participating in the discussion of any issue related to his/her/their rights and duties, to express objection and submit a complaint to the relevant bodies of the union.

Membership Registration Form