Director, animator, artist


Amin Guliyev was born on January 29, 1997 in Aralig village, Sharur district, Nakhchivan AR. He studied a bachelor’s degree of civil engineering in Baku Engineering University. He has been engaged in painting, since 2016, and with animation, since 2020.

In 2023, the film “Disbalance” made together with the screenwriter Miraga Gafarzadeh and designer Suleyman Suleymanov participated in the 6th ANIMAFILM International Animation Festival. In the same year, he made an animated commercial for the “” website.

He is a member of Azerbaijan Animation Association since 2023.


Amin Quliyev –

Amin Quliyev –


  1. Disbalance (animated short film, 2023) – artist, director, animator
  2. (short commercial, 2023) – artist, animator
  3. Trailer of the 6th ANIMAFILM International Animation Festival (commercial, 2023) – animator
  4. “Where are you from, crane?” (Feature documentary, 2023) – animator