Screenwriter, animator, director, rig artist


The son of Sarkhan Farhadli Huseyn was born on May 4, 1993 in the city of Sheki. After graduating from secondary school No. 18 in Sheki city. He studied at “Istanbul University of Culture” Faculty of Economics in Turkey. In 2018-2019, he worked as a director in the “Bacteri” advertising company. After taking animation lessons in Turkey, in 2019-2020, he worked as a 2D Animator and Rig artist in the “House of Dreams” animation company. In 2020-2021, he worked as a 2D animator at “Animistic” animation company.

In 2021, he founded the animation company “Adım Animasyon” and operates in Istanbul and now in Eskişehir. He worked as a freelance animator in many Turkish and foreign animation companies. The company “Adım Animasyon”, which he founded, prepares cartoon projects for TRT Children’s channel, TRT Diyanet Children’s channel, Cartoon Network, Blu TV and many different YouTube channels.

Member of Azerbaijan Animation Association since 2023.



Instagram: @adimanimasyon

Instagram: @serkanferhatll


  1. Kare Team (2019-2020, animation series) – animator
  2. Lemon and Olive (2021, animation series) – animator, director
  3. Beads with amber (2021-2022, animation series) – animator
  4. Sagun (2021-2022, animation series) – animator
  5. Nasreddin Hoja (2022, animation series) – animator
  6. Bo and Dodo (2022, animated series) – script writer, animator, director
  7. Hobaao (2022, animation series) – Director, animator, screenwriter