Narmin Guliyeva

Director, artist, animator, screenwriter


Guliyeva Narmin Shahriyar was born on July 21, 1995 in Sumgait city. She graduated from school as the best student of the year in Baku in 2012. Then Narmin graduated from Sumgayit State University Philology Faculty with a red diploma in 2017.
Since 2015, Narmin’s short stories and novellas have been published in various foreign publishing houses and digital platforms.

In 2019, Narmin completed practical directing courses at AZTV-TR Academy. In 2022, she finished the “Profession Screenwriter: Screenplay Workshop for Women Screenwriters” organised by the Azerbaijan Union of Film-Makers with a pitching speech. In 2023, she was a participant of the “Development workshop and Funding program” organised by the ANIMAFILM School. In 2023, Narmin presented the “Horrific Truth” project at ANIMAFILM International Animation Festival’s Pitching Competition.

In 2017, her short film “I’ll Wait” participated in three international festivals and was a finalist at the Grand IndieWise Film Festival. “Dance? Dance!” (2018) and “A Time Traveled” (2022) short animations also participated in international festivals.


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  1. “I’ll Wait” (animated short film, 2017) – author, artist, director, animator, voice actor
  2. “Dance? Dance!” (animated short film, 2018) – author, artist, director, animator, voiceactor
  3. “June 1st – Children’s Day Special” (AZTV TVR Academy graduation work, 2019) – director
  4. “Just Sibling Things” (short film, 2020) – author, director, cinematographer, editor
  5. “Rare and Flufftips” (animated short film, 2021) – author, artist, director, animator
  6. “A Time Traveled” (animated short series, 2022) – author, artist, director, animator, voice actor
  7. “Saprim” (animated short film, 2023) – author, artist, director, animator
  8. “Marvy Pam” (short animation reels, 2023-2024) – author, artist, director, animator, voice actor