Director, screenwriter, writer


Ruslan Ibrahimli Ziyaddın’s son was born on April 25, 1999, in the Gazakh district. Since 2018, he has been engaged in the production of short animated, artistic, and documentary films.

Since 2019, Ruslan Ibrahimli has attended courses on story narration, screenplay writing, and animation at the Pixar Animation Studio course affiliated with Khan Academy Türkçe, as well as film, directing, and screenwriting courses in the Basic Directing Department at the Istanbul Film Academy. His films have participated in many festivals held in the United Kingdom, Peru, Greece, India, Bulgaria, Italy, the United States, and Azerbaijan.

From 2021, Ruslan İbrahimli is engaged in localizing Pixar animation course lessons within “Khan Academy Azerbaijani”.

From 2021 to 2023, he served as the lead consultant for localizing Pixar animation course lessons.

Currently, he continues his film education and work in the film industry. Since 2023, he has been a member of the Azerbaijan Animation Association.


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1. “Two Trees” (animated short film, 2019) – animator, artist, director and screenwriter.

2.”Rauf Dadashov” (reportage, 2020) – director, screenwriter, text writer, editor.

3.”The Decision” (short feature film, 2020) – director, actor and screenwriter.

4.”Save water” (social animated film, 2020) – animator, screenwriter and director.

5.”The Khojaly family” (animated short film, 2020) – artist, animator, story writer and director.

6.”Courageous Commander – Martyr Fazil Mammadli (short feature documentary, biographical film, 2020) – director, screenwriter.

7.”Captain Ismayilov – Martyr Imamverdi Ismayilov” (short feature documentary, biographical film, 2020) – director, screenwriter.

8.”Martyr Gizir Amid Mammadov (short feature documentary, biographical film, 2021) – director, screenwriter.

9.”Gazakh District” (short documentary film, 2021) – director and text writer.

10.”The Letter” (short social feature film, 2021) – director and screenwriter.

11.”Mohammadhuseyn Shahriyar” (short biographical film, 2021) – editing director.

12.”Kusmarem” (short animation, video reel film, 2021) – animator, director and screenwriter.

13.”Unimpeded Love” (short feature film, 2021) – director, actor and screenwriter.

14.”Dark clouds” (animated film, 2022) – director, animator, set designer and screenwriter.

15.”Monument of Martyrs” (short feature documentary, biographical film, 2022) – director, screenwriter, text writer.

16.”Right to education” (short animated social film, 2023) – animator, artist, director and screenwriter.

17.”The Trench” (short experimental musical film, 2023) – director, actor and screenwriter.

18. “Mirror” (anthology series, 2024) – Director and Screenwriter.